Lunchbox – MC, Author, Philosopher, Comedian

  • MC (but like a real one)
  • DJ (entertainer second to none)
  • Author ( three books in one)
  • Mentalist (bend brains for fun)
  • Comedian (laughter gets done)
  • Puppeteer (owl magic function)
  • Actor ( talent equals tons)
  • Singer (disney plus 101)
  • Philosopher (thoughts that sun)
  • Alchemist (follow the sun)

Lunchbox goes by many names and titles, forged in the strangest moments from another time. He is honored to be a member of Vowls.

Stay tuned, this Summer (2020) you will be able to buy his triple work “Coma Stream”.

We are all just a piece of the Bliss.

Caitlyn Vinci “Bliss”

If you would like to hire LBX for shows or functions please send all emails to:

Lunchbox speaks on Youtube